Green Party Women at Conference

Green Party Women meet every conference, held by the Green Party in venues across the country currently twice a year. Autumn conference is our AGM when our committee is elected, while Spring Conference sees us meet to discuss issues inside and outside the Party which affect us. Unlike other parties, all policy is written and voted on by members, and Green Party Women aim to be part of that process, adding new motions and amending others to make them as friendly as possible to our members and those we represent. We may also host on a "fringe" session (which run parallel to the main panels and voting), so that those who are not GPW members can also discuss gender equality and its wider impact. 

Spring Conference Green Party Women meeting 2017

Meeting at Spring Conference, 2017

We normally aim to provide a creche, accessibility guides, and an access fund for those who may not otherwise afford to be able to attend.

To come along or to find out more, please visit the main Green Party conference pages:

Hope to see you there!

Green Party Women Days (Previously "Women By Name" Days)

All Green Party women, including trans women, and gender variant members (including those considering joining the Green Party) are welcome to attend - contact for more information)

These are held every six months (or so), in between party conferences.

Women by Name Day, Cambridge, July 2012

Women by Name Day, Cambridge, July 2012.

We also regularly join up with other groups.

For more details of how you can join us at a demonstration, education event, or campaign meeting, please follow and like us on facebook

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