Local elections show Greens' Vix Lowthian main contender against Tories as Isle of Wight MP

5 May 2017

The Green Party is celebrating becoming the second party on the Isle of Wight coming second to the Conservatives on vote share.

Vix Lowthian


Vix Lowthian, who was unable to stand in the local elections as a teacher under electoral regulations, is the Greens' Parliamentart candidate for the Isle of Wight 

Jonathan Bartley, co-leader of the Green Party, was on the Island to celebrate the party’s first councillor on the island - Michael Lilley.

The Green Party’s total vote of 5,607 is a huge increase on 2013 when the party stood in one ward and got 297 votes. This time Greens left Labour in second place on 4,134 votes with the Lib Dems in third with 2,783.

The combined Green, Labour, Liberal, Independent vote was more than 50%, from a turn-out of about 40%.

It’s been a good night for the Greens nationwide with net gains of +7 nationwide including in Wales and first seats in the Isle of Wight and Orkney.

Jonathan Bartley, co-leader of the Green Party, said:

"There are still lots of results to come but so far these results look good for the Green Party. We're offering people a real alternative to business-as-usual politics. 

“Across the country Greens have gained seats - with first seats in Orkney and the Isle of Wight, and a first win in Wales. People who believe things can change for the better, and that the next generation must be defined by fairness, not foodbanks, are choosing to back politicians they can trust.

“It’s clear the Greens are challenging the Tory reign in the Isle of Wight - and are set to run our boldest ever General Election campaign in the coming weeks. "

Isle of Wight stats:

  • Greens win first seat on Council (Ryde East, Michael Lilley)
  • Greens came second to Conservatives in a significant 14/24 wards - the remainder second places were independent (loss of council control). No Labour second places where Greens stood.
  • Greens beat Labour in 14 wards. Labour beat Greens in only 2.
  • Greens total vote greater than both Labour and Lib Dem (5607 Green, 4134 Labour, 2783 Lib Dem)
  • Combined Green, Labour, Liberal, Independent vote is greater than 50% with a turn-out of around 40%


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