Ongoing Campaigns: Safety for Sex Workers

4 July 2018

A big thank you to everyone who emailed their MP asking them not to support an amendment to try and take down sites such as Vivastreet and Adultwork. While coverage has focused on the ability to "review" sex workers, the sites give important advertising space for sex workers, allowing them more control over their work and allowing them to share important information with each other about potentially dangerous clients. Similar laws in the United States supported by Donald Trump have had only one discernible impact: forcing sex workers underground and into the arms of traffickers and pimps.  

The Green Party launched its manifesto for gender equality outside Yarl's Wood detention centre in Bedfordshire. The 2017 manifesto's three key policies all relate to providing safety for all, regardless of gender.

The Greens also pledged to provide safety for sex workers through decriminalisation of both the sale and purchase of sex. This comes after UN and Amnesty International recommendations over the last year, showing that making sex work illegal only reduces safety.

Amelia Womack, Green Party deputy leader, said at the manifesto launch: "The bold policies we're announcing today show that the Green Party is committed to standing up for everyone, and we are not afraid to speak out about issues other parties would rather shy away from. From asylum seekers to sex workers, as well as all of us who use the NHS, these policies set us on the path to building a tolerant, inclusive society."

The Green Party continues to have zero tolerance of coercion, violence, or sexual abuse (including child abuse). Those who have been trafficked into the country and forced to work in the sex industry against their will should receive protection under the law. The Green Party continues to fight both for the rights of sex workers (those in the industry as consensual adults) and for support for those who want to leave or have left the industry, for example through proper accesss to re-training opportunities.

Our latest campaign news

On International Women's Day 2018

1. Close Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre As women continue their hunger strike, Deputy Leader Amelia Womack was at the Home Office with protesters in solidarity.

2. Allow MPs to job-share Former Women’s Equality Spokesperson Sarah Cope and GPW Secretary Clare Lorraine Phipps were on Radio 4’s Westminster Hour talking about the campaign to increase diversity in our Parliament by allowing MPs to job-share.
Clare and Sarah at the BBC

3.Make misogyny a thing of the past Green Party Women are asking anyone who has worked in the third sector (now or in the past) to consider completing the Charityworks 'Sexism In The Third Sector' Survey on sexism and harassment. The research will help them understand the strengths and weaknesses of the sector, while ensuring it is open and safe for all people. Hear Green Party Women Membership Secretary RoseMary Warrington with others at the Home Office hand in of our petition to Make Misogyny a hate crime below.

4. Safeguarding reproductive rights Green Party Women are an official supporter of BPAS' 'Back Off' campaign. If you have been affected, in any way, by anti-abortion activity outside a clinic and would like to contribute to a survey of experiences you can do so here

5.Celebrating 100 years since the UK’s first women voted While Caroline Lucas MP popped into a very special broom cupboard, Amelia and Co-Leader Jonathan Bartley MP, as well as Molly Scott Cato MEP and former Leader Natalie Bennett went #HungryforDemocracy. We also remembered those women who didn’t gain equal voting rights until a decade later, as well as the women of colour, disabled and queer women whose achievements in gaining women’s suffrage have been underappreciated.

Caroline in Emily Wilding Davison Broom Cupboard