Latest success brings us closer to making misogyny a hate crime

10 September 2018

Deputy leader Amelia Womack announced a campaign for misogyny to be made a hate crime during her speech to Green Party autumn conference in October 2017. Only a year later, MPs called for a review into making misogyny a hate crime.

Speaking to Refinery 29, newly re-elected Womack said: "We are one step closer to taking this huge leap forward for women."

"Whatever you think of #MeToo, one thing which can't be denied is that it made horribly tangible the sheer volume of abuse, intimidation and violation suffered by women across the world, every single day. I am no exception.

"Misogyny isn’t always as visceral as being physically abused and emotionally manipulated by a partner. As a young woman in politics, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had photoshopped images tweeted at me by men who disagree with my views – when I’m not being told to go back to the kitchen. Over my life I’ve had men threaten me when I told them my friend wasn’t interested in them, been wolf whistled at while walking down the road in my school uniform and groped at the Christmas party of my first job. Just a few weeks ago a man slapped my arse in a bar.

Womack was motivated by her own experience of domestic violence, which she spoke publically about for the first time in 2017. Currently, crimes motivated by gender are not recognised as hate crime, so there are no official statistics on levels women currently face. Speaking in 2017, Womack explained:

“If gender-based violence was properly recognised there would be new avenues for women to report acts of aggression or abuse. It’s so important that women feel confident to come forward and talk about their experiences. It’s beyond time that our society acknowledged the suffering caused by misogyny.”

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