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Wool Against Weapons

11 March 2015

Green Party Women members, alongside anti-nuclear protesters from across the country, descended on Aldermaston on Saturday 9th August, to unfurl a seven mile long pink peace scarf between the two nuclear weapons sites, Aldermaston and Burghfield.

Green Party Women Go To Aldermaston

Green Party Women Go To Aldermaston

15 January 2014

Sunday 12th January saw several members of Green Party Women attend the women’s peace camp at the Aldermaston Nuclear Weapons Establishment in Berkshire. Natalie Bennett, Green Party Leader, was in attendance, alongside Green Party Women Chair Sarah Cope.

Green Party Women at the celebration of the life of Emily Wilding Davison

Inspired by Emily Wilding Davison, The Green Party issues a challenge to make history

08 June 2013

Green Party Women joined in the celebrations of the life of Emily Wilding Davison today (Saturday 8th June). Held simultaneously in Victoria Park, east London, and in Morpeth, Northumberland women gathered on what was the exact centenary of her death. She was trampled by the King’s horse during the Derby on 4th June whilst possibly trying to attach a ‘Votes for Women’ banner to his harness. The horse and jockey fell but were unharmed, whilst Wilding Davison died four days later of her injuries.

Greens Take Further Step to Promote Women General Election Candidates

26 February 2013

THE Green Party’s spring conference on Monday took a further step towards the goal, established at Autumn Conference last year, to achieve at least 50% of female candidates in general elections. Conference agreed that if no woman has come forward when the initial nomination period closes, a second call for nominations will be made.

Euro MP Welcomes UN Ruling on Female Genital Mutilation

30 November 2012

Euro MP Welcomes UN Ruling on Female Genital Mutilation

Green Party Women Attend UK Feminista Rally and Lobby of Parliament

Green Party Women Attend UK Feminista Rally and Lobby of Parliament

24 October 2012

Green Party Women joined over 200 people from around the country to meet face to face with their MPs to call for urgent action on women’s equality.

European European Parliament votes for stricter safety checks for breast implants

14 July 2012

Product register, improved product traceability, and a pre-market authorisation system recommended

Green MEP for London welcomes Parliament appeal to ban Female Genital Mutilation

14 June 2012

"This act of physical, psychological and emotional abuse that affects hundreds of thousands of women and girls each and every day."

New research highlights grave concerns over poor treatment of women asylum seekers in Europe

30 May 2012

For thousands of women, the experience of attempting to claim asylum is one hallmarked by crippling shame, anxiety and confusion.

Government's reckless cuts are hitting women hardest

08 March 2012

"The Government should instead look to invest in the economy and a coherent job creation programme."

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