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Green Leader's live web chat with British mums

2 June 2009

Caroline Lucas has revealed how she was once thrown out of a council chamber for breastfeeding her baby.

During a live web chat on top parenting website Mumsnet, the Green Party leader said "I vividly remember that, as a Green Party County Councillor in Oxfordshire, I was thrown out of the debating chamber for breastfeeding my three month old son, and accused of bringing the Council into disrepute!"

 Caroline said the Party wants more support for women who choose to breastfeed, but added, "I'm anxious that women who don't or can't aren't made to feel bad about the decisions they make".

Mums in homes and offices across the country took an hour off to 'chat' with Britain's only woman political leader asking her about her views on parenting, MPs expenses, constitutional change and, of course, the environment.

Caroline confided that she often longs to spend more time with her two sons, but said "I honestly do believe I'm doing my small bit to help try to make sure there's a liveable planet for them, and for all other kids - it's a serious as that."

She said she tries to involve her boys in her work where possible adding, "My youngest son has been on a fair few peace marches in his time."

When asked about her fears Dr. Lucas said, "I confess that the huge mountain of resistance that we need to overcome in terms of climate change does keep me awake at night."

She pointed to the urgent need to move towards a zero carbon economy and the exciting benefits that reflect "what most of us aspire to like more secure jobs, less time commuting, more time with our family, warmer homes, easy access to affordable local food [and] belonging to a community."

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