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Greens call for government apology for coerced adoptions

11 September 2011

At its national conference in Sheffield today, the Green Party agreed to campaign for an official government apology for coerced adoptions.

The practice, which took place mostly between the 1940s and 1980s, forced unmarried birth parents to give up their babies for adoption.

The motion also called for further research into the effects of the policy on birth parents and their children, as well as action and provision of appropriate support for those affected.

Natalie Bennett, chair of Green Party Women, said:

"It's important to acknowledge the mistakes of the past and the huge amount of suffering caused by these practices. We can also use this to reflect on what we're doing today in our treatment of new mothers."

"We know that women affected by this are coming together in the Movement for an Adoption Apology (MAA), and we're pleased to be part of this campaign.

"The Australian Green Party has been active and successful in a similar campaign, and we have drawn on their experience."

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