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Message of support for Mothers' March and Speak Out

12 March 2010

Message of support from Green Party Women to the Mothers March and Speak Out event on Saturday, March 13, marking International Women's Day and Mothers' Day.

The Green Party offers its congratulations and support for this event today, which highlights the importance of the role of mothers in families around the world and the unpaid, and too often unrecognised, work that they do.

Too little is done to support and help them - and even ensure their most basic rights, both in the UK and around the world. The Millennium Development Goal furthest from being realised is that of reducing pregnancy-related deaths. In the poorest countries, six out of 10 women who would like to manage their family size with contraception are unable to do so.

Here in the UK poverty, the result of inadequate pay and benefits, makes life unnecessarily difficult for many mothers. We're proud that the Green Party has recently adopted a highly progressive parental leave policy. We're also proud of our policies to boost the minimum wage, more than two-thirds of whose recipients are women, to more than £8.10, and to increase child benefit and Sure Start centres.

Your call to "Invest in Caring Not Killing" is compelling. We wish you a wonderful day, and real progress on these critical issues.

Natalie Bennett

Chair, on behalf of Green Party Women

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