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Wool Against Weapons

11 March 2015

wool against weapons

Green Party Women members, alongside anti-nuclear protesters from across the country, descended on Aldermaston on Saturday 9th August, to unfurl a seven mile long pink peace scarf between the two nuclear weapons sites, Aldermaston and Burghfield.

The scarf had been knitted by activists across the world, and although a crazy sounding endeavor, activists pointed out that it was less insane than spending £100 billion on replacing Trident!

wool against weapons

The campaign for nuclear disarmament has a rich history, much linked to the women's movement, with the women of Greenham Common being a prominent example of this. The campaign is at a pivotal moment, with the decision to scrap or replace Trident imminent, plus the Scottish referendum meaning that an independent Scotland may well turf Trident off Scottish soil.

The day at Aldermaston was inspiring and fun, as well as poignant. Attendees rang bells and then had a three minute silence to remember all those who have died due to nuclear weapons over the years.

Sarah Cope, Chair of Green Party Women, said, "Today was a feat of extremely efficient organisation, team work and fantastic creativity. I'm in awe of everyone who came together to knit this piece of protest art. It's beautiful, and what's more, it will be put to good use as it will be made into countless blankets, to be sent to crisis situations. What a fun, inclusive way to campaign about one of the most pressing issues of the moment."

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