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Green MEP for London welcomes Parliament appeal to ban Female Genital Mutilation

14 June 2012

"This act of physical, psychological and emotional abuse that affects hundreds of thousands of women and girls each and every day."

New research highlights grave concerns over poor treatment of women asylum seekers in Europe

30 May 2012

For thousands of women, the experience of attempting to claim asylum is one hallmarked by crippling shame, anxiety and confusion.

Government's reckless cuts are hitting women hardest

08 March 2012

"The Government should instead look to invest in the economy and a coherent job creation programme."

Jenny Jones, London Mayoral candidate, talks about women and politics

20 January 2012

"If we don’t have women in positions of power, the world Is a much worse place."

Greens call for show of strength from MPs to oppose Nadine Dorries' 'Victorian' sex education bill

20 January 2012

"It is important that this attempt to impose the moral views of a tiny sliver of British society on the rest of the citizens is resoundingly defeated."

Green MP becomes Patron of violence against women campaign

23 November 2011

Campaign aims to commemorate the victims of sexist violence and fight gender inequality.

Green MEP visits Stratford Domestic Violence Advice Strategy

21 November 2011

Greens mark UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Parliament has a "clubland culture and family unfriendly working practices" according to the UK's only Green MP

19 October 2011

Lack of women "undermines the quality of law-making and scrutiny".

Support for Decriminalise Sex Work demonstration

14 October 2011

"Evidence-based policymaking should be put into effect on this issue."

Green MEP calls for greater protection of sexual orientation and gender identity

29 September 2011

"All Member States and international organisations have a role to play in developing a climate where this kind of intolerance is rejected outright."

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