Brighton City council has most women representatives in country

08 June 2011

Forty-four percent of councillors are women.

Climate change disproportionately affects women, Oxfam tells Green Party conference

26 February 2011

"Climate change: it's a human story" - Oxfam Cymru at Green Party conference in Cardiff

Green MEP calls for EU hearing on 'honour' crimes

11 November 2010

'We need to work together to challenge the attitudes that consider such heinous crimes to be acceptable'

Job-share MPs would open up politics, says Caroline Lucas

11 September 2010

Change would 'encourage more women MPs and make Westminster politics more accessible'

Green Party conference focuses on women in prison

10 September 2010

'The number of women entering custody could be halved'

Green MEP demands action on 'honour' based violence

25 March 2010

Launches training video backed by NGOs and community groups

Message of support for Mothers' March and Speak Out

12 March 2010

Your call to "Invest in Caring Not Killing" is compelling.

Uganda must be persuaded to rethink homophobic laws, say Greens

10 March 2010

Unconditional assistance must be offered to Ugandan LGBT and Human Rights activists, and the government pressured to decriminalise homosexuality, says Green Party

International Women's Day: Green Party statement

08 March 2010

Time to balance work, life, and pay, for everyone.

Green policy strengthens support for breastfeeding

28 February 2010

Call for significant fines for businesses where women are asked to stop breastfeeding

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