Green Party Women

Green Party Women

Green Party Women is a subgroup of the Green Party of England & Wales.

The group aims to make links between the party and women's groups and organisations nationally and internationally, to promote the women-friendly policies and approach of the party, and to work generally to promote women's rights.

It works by putting forward policy and campaign proposals to the party, and by promoting policy and campaign proposals to the party, and promoting party policies to women's groups.

It participates in women's and other political and cultural events and drafts, prepares and distributes appropriate publicity materials. All women who are members of the party are welcome to join. You can join (there is no fee) by emailing Men are equally welcome as associate members.




Wool Against Weapons

11 March 2015

Green Party Women members, alongside anti-nuclear protesters from across the country, descended on Aldermaston on Saturday 9th August, to unfurl a seven mile long pink peace scarf between the two nuclear weapons sites, Aldermaston and Burghfield.

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