Green Party Women

Green Party Women

Green Party Women is a subgroup of the Green Party of England & Wales.

The group aims to make links between the party and women's groups and organisations nationally and internationally, to promote the women-friendly policies and approach of the party, and to work generally to promote women's rights.

It works by putting forward policy and campaign proposals to the party, and by promoting policy and campaign proposals to the party, and promoting party policies to women's groups.

It participates in women's and other political and cultural events and drafts, prepares and distributes appropriate publicity materials. Green Party Women welcomes all Green Party members, of all genders and none, to join our group. Please email: to be added to the e-list.




Green Party Women attend demo to shut down Yarl's Wood detention centre

22 June 2015

Last Saturday 6th June, Green Party Women supported the Set Her Free protest outside Yarl's Wood detention centre. Hundreds of demonstrators attended from Bristol, London, Manchester and beyond in a spirit of anger, but also solidarity and hope. The crowds included many brave women who had at one point or another been locked up inside Yarl's Wood themselves.

Wool Against Weapons

11 March 2015

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